Hair Removal


Trained by the UK's leading authority on waxing, the renowned 'Queen of Wax',
Kim Lawless, I am skilled in her unique Hot Wax techniques and use the finest
Perron Rigot wax to leave you feeling smooth and feminine.

Intimate Waxing


A wax in the crease of the legs to remove all hair visible when wearing bikini style knickers.

Treatment Price
Basic £10.00

High Leg

A wax to neaten and shape. All hair is removed from the crease of the legs so none is visible when wearing high-leg style knickers.

Treatment Price
High Leg £15.00

G String

This leaves a strip of hair that starts on the pubic mound and down over the labia. It includes the butt crease and any noticeable
hair on the buttocks.

Treatment Price
G String £20.00

Brazilian or Hollywood

With or without a 'landing strip', all hair is removed from the front, the back and everything in between.

Treatment Price
Brazilian or Hollywood £30.00


All hair is gently waxed from the crease between the buttocks. Ever so feminine!

Treatment Price
Ibiza £10.00


The buttocks are waxed to leave beautifully smoothed skin.

Treatment Price
Dubai £15.00


Both the buttocks and the crease between the buttocks are left hair free and silky soft.

Treatment Price
Egyptian £15.00

Other Waxing

Treatment Price
Half Leg £15.50
Full Leg £22.50
Underarm £8.50
Lip or Chin £5.50
Eyebrows £7.50
Face £10.50
Forearm £10.50
Full Arm £15.50
Back £15.50
Chest £18.50


Threading is an ancient technique used in many eastern countries to remove facial hair, it will take the hair from the root giving a
clean and smooth finish.

Treatment Price
Eyebrow Shape £7.50
Upper Lip £5.50
Chin £5.50
Full Face £15.50
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